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Innovative Design

The LifeSock is designed with comfort and functionality in mind.


  • The patented U shaped pad protecting bones on top of the foot surrounding the dorsalis pedis artery
  • A high stretch top providing ease of fit and low compression
  • A seamless sock avoiding pressure created from seams causing skin irritation and abrasion
  • Increased elasticity contoured strategically to provide additional stretch accommodating larger ankles and calves and shaping to fit your foot and leg without restricting blood flow
  • Loop pile cushioning providing protection and comfort where it is needed most
  • Mesh spaces to reduce the bulk in footwear and  ribs for additional moisture mangement and to aid airflow
  • Left and right shaping to ensure a snug fit and to allow for strategically placed cushioning to remain in the correct locations for foot protection and comfort
  • Soft merino wool knitted to  the inside of the sock for wearer comfort and nylon on the outer for durability

LifeSocks™ are designed to:

  • Reduce friction, shear and pressure
  • Provide effective temperature and moisture management
  • Offer resistance against compression
  • Assist in providing a bacteriostatic environment
  • Adapt to the individual shape of the foot
  • Offer safe, warm, non-constrictive hosiery
  • Provide an important protective interface between the shoe and the skin

The Elastic Support System

Locks the sock onto the foot and the lower leg with minimal compression, providing support particularly under the plantar arch region.

ESS™ benefits:

  • A snug customised fit
  • No bunching or ride down
  • Reduce friction and shear forces

Why LifeSocks™?

Socks provide an important protective interface between the abrasive surfaces of the inside of the shoe and the skin.

Socks are essential to protect the skin from the traumas of friction and shear stresses inside the shoe while  walking or exercising and to protect the skin from fluctuations in temperatures that can cause chilling or thermal burns and blisters associated with friction.

The safer the feet are inside protective well fitting socks and shoes, the less likely they are to be injured. Complications such as slow healing wounds and foot ulcers are less likely to develop.